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10. Playa de Santa Marta

Camiño do Rabuxiño, s/n. 36945 - Darbo

Located close to Liméns beach. Many services available.
Access for the disabled and vehicles, parking lots, lifeguards, drinking water, telephone, trees, benches, showers, buoy-marked bathing zone, kiosks, restaurants and beach library.

  • Length: 190 m
  • Average width: 20 m
  • Composition: white sand
  • Bathing conditions: calm waters
  • Anchoring spot: yes
  • Nudism: no
  • Vegetation: yes
  • Lifeguard: yes
  • Access: on foot/by road
  • Signage: yes
  • Nearest road: PO-31
  • GPS position: 42º 15´ 30.80´´ N // 8º 48´ 37.60´´ W