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02 .Playa de los Alemanes

Punta Rodeira. 36940 - Coiro

A small, semi-urban beach with pedestrian access, very close to the beach of Rodeira. Large rocks and fine white sand. Also known as the Ratas beach for being located opposite the Ratas Islands.

  • Length: 200 m
  • Average width: 10m
  • Composition: white sand
  • Bathing conditions: moderate waves
  • Anchoring spot: yes
  • Nudism: no
  • Vegetation: yes
  • Lifeguard: no
  • Access: on foot (difficult)
  • Signage: no
  • Nearest road: PO-551
  • GPS position: 42º 15´ 32.43´´ N // 8º 45´ 48.98´´ W