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Carballal de Coiro

This oak grove, located in the parish of Coiro, is one of the most important native forest masses on the south coast of Galicia.

It is of great value for the district as it acts as a water catchment area.

It may be reached from several points. First, coming from Bueu to Cangas on the PO-551, just after arriving at Alto da Portela, we take a turn-off to the left leading to the hermitage of San Cosme.

Little by little, we enter this wood called A Fraga, past the waterfall of the river Bouzós flowing from the area of Ermelo and along which there are many old mills, the most famous of which is the one called Fausto.

We travel along a steep path that converges with the main road coming from San Cosme. There, we will find several paths that lead to the mounts of A Pena, Paralaia and Ermelo.

The predominant tree species in this natural space is oak (Quercus robur). There are also other native species such as sweet chestnut, cherry, and others, together with many false acacias (Robinia pseudoacacia). Laurel, hawthorn, buckthorn... are some of the shrub species that make up the undergrowth.

It has been declared a Natural Protected Space for its ecological, landscape and recreational values, like Cabo Home and Barra. This oak grove has an approximate area of 365 hectares and is located at the site where the boundaries of the municipalities of Bueu, Cangas and Moaña meet.