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Blue flag

The Blue Flag is an annual award and an environmental quality certification system developed by FEE since 1987. It promotes and rewards the participation of municipal authorities, local population and visitors, and stakeholders in the tourism sector in voluntary environmental initiatives. The criteria to be met in order to achieve the blue flag are grouped into four areas: Bathing Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety and Services.



03. Playa de Rodeira Bandeira Azul

Avda. de Ourense. 36947 - Coiro

08. Playa de Areamilla Bandeira Azul

Rúa Baixada Areamilla, s/n. 36949 - Darbo

11. Playa de Liméns Bandeira Azul

Liméns. 36940 - O Hío

14. Playa de Nerga Bandeira Azul

Nerga. 36945 - O Hío

17. Playa de Melide Bandeira Azul

Cabo Home. 36945 - O Hío

23. Playa de Areabrava Bandeira Azul

Lugar Vilanova, 61. 36945 - O Hío

38. Playa de Menduíña Bandeira Azul

Rúa Baixada á Praia de Menduíña, s/n. 36945 - Aldán